Where to Buy

Big Watt is coming soon to hundreds of grocery stores, co-ops, convenience stores, restaurants, and bars around the country…and we are adding new locations every day. Below is a list of locations where Big Watt is currently available. If you don’t see a location near you, please contact us at info@BigWattCoffee.com to see where we might be in your neighborhood or to find out when we’ll be there!

Grocery Stores & Co-Ops

Kowalski’s – www.kowalskis.com
Lunds & Byerlys – www.lundsandbyerlys.com
Hy-Vee – www.hy-vee.com
Sentyrz – www.sentyrzmarket.com
Linden Hills Coop – www.lindenhills.coop
Dill Pickle Coop (Chicago) – www.dillpicklecoop.com
The Grainery – www.grainerygrocery.com
Wirth Co-op – www.wirth.coop
East Side Co-op – www.eastsidefood.coop
The Wedge Co-op – www.wedge.coop
Loon Grocery 25th & Lyndale ave S.
Jerry’s Foods – https://www.jerrysfoods.com/

Restaurants / Bars / Breweries

The Freehouse – www.freehousempls.com
Edina Grill – www.edinagrill.com
The Lowry – www.thelowryuptown.com
Italian Eatery – www.italianeatery.com
Broder’s – www.broders.com
Iron Door Pub – www.theirondoorpub.com
NE Social – www.northeastsocial.com
Five Watt – www.fivewattcoffee.com
Dangerous Man – www.dangerousmanbrewing.com
56 Brewing – www.56brewing.com
Tattersall – www.tattersalldistilling.com
Copperwing Distillery – www.copperwingdistillery.com
Utepils Brewery – utepilsbrewing.com
Venn Brewing – www.vennbrewing.com
Dalton & Wade – daltonandwadempls.com
Octo Fish Bar – www.octostp.com
Taco Cat – www.tacocatmn.com

Other Retail

Lowry Hill Meats – www.lowryhillmeats.com
Lyn36 – www.36lyn.com
Henry & Son – www.shophenryandson.com
South Lyndale Liquors – www.shop.southlyndale.com
France 44 – www.france44.com
Lake Wine & Spirits – www.lakewinespirits.com
Strong Liquors – strongliquorandwine.com
Central Ave Liquors – www.central-liquor.com
Loon Express (28th &Lyndale)
Lowry Hill Liquors – lhlwine.com
South Lyndale Liquors – shop.southlyndale.com/store
Farmstead Bikes – www.farmsteadbikeshop.com