100% Plant Based

Our coffee beans are sourced from small farms in some of the most bountiful coffee producing regions in the world. Ethiopia, Columbia, Peru, Brazil, Congo, Tanzania and Kenya.

We use only the highest quality of premium beans to ensure a bright, lively and clean purity of flavor always.

Our Bear & the Barrel Toasted Honey Nut Vanilla adds two honeys, amber and clover, along with a Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean to a blend of Columbian and Ethiopian coffees.

Our sparkling waters are flavored entirely with botanicals, extracts and bitters, caffeinated with organic green coffee beans, water processed.

Process Purity

That bright, clear flavor of lime…because it came from a lime.

Same reason the ginger actually tastes like ginger…it’s ginger.

At Big Watt, raspberries are raspberries, grapefruit is grapefruit and lemons are lemons.

Pure, simple, and always delicious.

Clean. Hydrating. Energy.