Pure Cold Press Coffee

Big Watt brings the finest coffee shop products to coffee drinkers everywhere in the way it was meant to taste, by creating a truly exceptional cold press coffee that is easy to share.

Circuit Bender Cold Press Coffee

Our original cold press formula is best known for it’s balance and drinkability.

It’s made with simple ingredients, just coffee and water, with no additives, preservatives, or anything artificial.

May Day Cold Press Coffee

We’ve captured the spirit of spring in our May Day cold press with notes of bright, juicy grapefruit and salted lavender.

Not bound by tradition, but deliciously familiar.

The Bear and The Barrel Cold Press Coffee

We combined our tasty coffee with mellow toasted almonds and a balance of vanilla and honey.

We ended up with a smooth, creamy cold press coffee that’s only simple ingredients.

Circuit Breaker Cold Press Coffee

Leave behind the sugar and preservatives in those energy drinks and reach for a pure cold press coffee.

Our Circuit Breaker has two ingredients, coffee and water. Simply delicious with a Double Espresso jolt of clean energy.