Responsible Sourcing + Partnerships

Responsible Sourcing starts with intentional partnerships. We carefully choose to work with companies that hold only the highest standards of business practices, with a focus on sustainability and philanthropy.

Sourcing Our Coffee

This partnership with Café Imports has allowed Big Watt to responsibly source our three-origin blend for Circuit Bender. Cafe Imports strives to provide the highest quality green coffee to roasters by establishing long-term partnerships with farmers, while providing education and resources at origin. Their practices empower farmers to create a better product, often causing an increase in the quality of their coffee, their price, and their quality of life. Cafe Imports values giving back to their communities and nurturing relationships, sustainability and transparency. Read more about their practices here.

Once our coffee beans are in-house, we roast on the most environmentally-friendly roaster available on the market. The Loring Roaster was created with the intent to design the most consistent and fuel-friendly machine, and has succeeded in ways that no other roasting company has. Read more about the Loring Roaster here.

In partnership with Café Imports, we source responsibly through fair pricing and sustainable practices for the farmers and families we buy our beans from. We source intentionally, never a commodity buyer. We buy only superior beans, selected from known sources in regions that typically have two annual harvests ensuring a consistent quality with an always fresh flavor and taste.

Sourcing Our Cans

We use cans from Crown and partner with Berlin Packaging to source and deliver the cans to our brewing facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Crown strives to implement sustainable practices and provides transparency through detailed reports found here.

Berlin Packaging has a philosophy to energize people and companies to be Greater, Faster, with more about their unique approach found here. Berlin uses packaging as a currency to make all its constituents better off. As part of this optimistic attitude, Berlin embraces sustainable packaging and community philanthropy. Read more about how Berlin Packaging gives back here.

Our partnership with Crown and Berlin Packaging brings us numerous benefits from using beverage cans for our coffee. Being light-proof and completely airtight, our product is provided a longer shelf-life than our competitors in glass or plastic bottles. Additionally, aluminum is 100% recyclable. In fact, nearly 75% of all the aluminum ever produced is still in use today! Cans are also lighter than glass bottles, causing less demand for fuel in transport.

Finally, we have partnered with UNFI as our primary national distributor. UNFI’s core purpose is to deliver more natural and organic foods to home all across North America. Big Watt’s focus on uncompromised standards in process purity  made UNFI the obvious choice. Furthermore, UNFI has grown their company in a way that allows for a myriad of positive business practices including multiple sustainable and philanthropic practices found here and here.