Roasting and Brewing

Big Watt cold press coffee is nurtured from the source all the way to your first taste to be the best cold press coffee you’ve ever had. Without additives and artificial flavors to hide behind, we have prioritized quality and consistency above all else. Every can from every batch, our Circuit Bender Cold Press Coffee is delicious and drinkable, broad and balanced, delicate in flavor with a velvety texture and a finish of chocolates and red berries.

To deliver a precisely roasted bean of the highest quality, our master roaster utilizes a three-origin blend that is sourced intentionally for yearlong uniformity and roasted in our eco-friendly and ultra-consistent Loring Roaster. Our state-of-the-art brewing facility includes first-of-its-kind modified brewing equipment and practices so unique that our process has been granted patent-pending qualification.

Just Coffee and Water

We brew in a completely oxygen-free environment and control our temperature throughout our extraction time. From start to finish, we believe that the path to best-tasting coffee is always the simplest. We call it Process Purity.

Learn more about our process here.